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Writing Together Course

Writing Together Poster

Suitable for beginners and writers wishing to polish their skills, 'writing together' will result in you writing a monologue for the Retail Tales project. We will look at the following:
  1. Inspiration and putting pen to paper
  2. Drama, conflict and the unanswerable question
  3. Creating a character that is believable
  4. Writing as your character in different situations
  5. Emotion, comedy and tragedy
  6. Structure and audience

The course is £40 for six sessions every Tuesday at 7pm-8.30pm via zoom. Start date is 7th July 2020, finish date 11th August. One funded place will be available for anyone that needs it.

If you are interested, please contact us via the Contact page.

A previous participant wrote "Being a writer no matter what your experience, can be a lonely path. This course was an inclusive, creative crucible which sparked ideas in a nurturing and friendly environment. Unblock the flow and see trickling tributaries transform to torrents of fertile ideas by 'Writing Together'. Highly recommended."