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Stephanie Pitchers

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Announcing our new Producer and Facilitator Stephanie Pitchers.


Make it Write is pleased to welcome Stephanie Pitchers a highly-qualified new member who specialises in community theatre.

“I enjoy devising issue-based theatre and working with people from diverse backgrounds,” says Stephanie, who has a BA degree from LIPA in Community Drama. She also has two certificates for Education and Training from the City’s Blackburne House.

Stephanie is also adept at singing, running workshops, clowning, street theatre, circus themes, puppetry, prop-making and scriptwriting.

Her recent roles have taken her to such diverse places as Chester Zoo Lantern evenings, where she took on the challenge of becoming a penguin; to being Director and Facilitator for the community play about breast cancer, at Breastfest in Manchester; and playing a wicked banker in Here is Thy Sting for Make it Write at Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool.

Earlier Stephanie ran a Theatre for Democracy course in Kirkby.

Her first major project for Make it Write Productions will be a 12-week theatre workshop in November, on issue-based shows designed especially for Community Groups.

The system uses collaboration with those affected by issues to explore new ideas and solutions.

“Actors become creators, directors need to be able to facilitate workshops, characters can be played with and transformed throughout the process. It is a great way to engage community groups and enables people from all walks of life to have their story told,” explains Stephanie.

This course would be ideal for anyone who is interested in creating theatre and performing or working with community groups.

The course will start as virtual but it is hoped to have some face-to-face sessions and end in a performance, the format to be decided.

Sharon Colpman commented, “We are excited to have Stephanie as part of the team. I worked with her as writer for the Breastfest project and was impressed by her calm under pressure and professional and compassionate attitude when faced with such emotive topics. I am hoping our outreach work will be more expansive with Stephanie’s help.”

Stephanie was born and educated in South Africa before emigrating to the UK in 2005. Her own experience in the community has included youth work and being an administrator for a church. She is a married mother with two children.

She has also campaigned to save children’s centres and the Women’s Hospital in Liverpool.

Please contact Sharon Colpman either via the contact page or Facebook DM for more information about the above workshop.