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The writers' drop-ins take place on alternate Thursdays. The next one is due on 8th November.

Plays in Production

We currently have three plays in production for 2019. All will be performed at the Hope Street Theatre.

6-9th March 2019, we have Barn Swallows, a gothic western by Helen Jones. This gritty story looks at how four people deal with the aftermath of the civil war. Directed by Megan McFarlane and the Jack of all Trades team.

3 - 6th April 2019, "The Budding Mantis" and "Here is thy Sting" by James Gaskin. Directed by Sarah Sharp.

12-13th June 2019, a tales from the crypt style horror, Death and all his Friends by Steven McDonald comes to you with Jeb, the macabre ring master who pulls all the strings. Directed by Sarah Sharp.

14-15th June 2019, this year’s Make it Write, 30 minute play competition winners will take to the stage in our showcase of new writing.

Watch out for more happenings in October.

30 Minute Play Competition

We have just announced our new competition. The title is Monsters as 2019 celebrates the anniversary of Mary Shelley and the publication of Frankenstein. Submit your entry via the competition page.

Workshops with Opportunity

The below workshops are now in full flow. Details have been retained on this page as it is our intention to repeat the workshops.

Screenwriting image
A five session course leading to your scene being acted out during the fifth session. Jon Dunn will be giving a full beginners' guide to this craft.

Writing Together image
Also a five session course on collaborative work and sketch writing. The last session will see your scenes put on their feet by actors. Comedy sketches from this workshop will be performed in November.

Finding a home for Make it Write

It has become more and more important for us to have somewhere quiet to meet and to have speakers address us. To this aim I have rented an office in 26 Hope Street. It is big enough for workshops and read throughs and small scale rehearsals. It will be ready for action in October. Small production companies may like to hot desk at this location. Please contact me for information.
However my goal is to buy somewhere with a rehearsal room big enough for small performances and an office or two. This may not be in the near future but we all like something to aim for. Can I ask all Make it Write people to ask around and lean on influential people to find us such a place.

Help Us

All our productions run on a profit share basis. If you help during a production, you get a share. We always need back stage people to do make up, costumes, sell programmes, video the event and generally make sure the shows run smoothly. We also need marketing people and artists. Contact us if you’d like to be part of the fun.