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More Deadly Than The Male

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A nun with a past, a posh tart and a ruthless business woman are just three of the conniving women in two new black comedies proving that the female is more deadly than the male.

The plays, with all-women casts, are being premiered at Hope Street, Theatre, Liverpool in April.

In “Here is Thy Sting” Kate, who is dying of cancer, realises that the hospice caring for her is about to go bankrupt. She decides she must save it – no matter what.

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And Helen, who cosies up to rich men in “The Budding Mantis”, is grooming her daughter Charlotte for great things. But Charlotte has her own, very unexpected, plans for them both.

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"The first deals with the tussle between the Law and human morality. Being set in a hospice may make it uncomfortable but underscores this battle, and the unflinching determination of people on the edge", says the writer Jamie Gaskin.

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"In "The Budding Mantis" a dominating mother discovers that her daughter has inherited her manipulating prowess and is more cold-blooded than she could ever imagine," he adds.

"The plays are the lightest of comedies with the darkest sense of humour. They have no filter, no joke is held and there is nothing off-limits. Risqué, blue and delightfully wicked. They are certainly a new challenge for me as a director, a challenge I have begun to absolutely relish," says Artistic Director Sarah Sharp.

More Deadly Than the Male is being performed at Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool, from 3rd – 6th April, 2019 at 7.30pm. Wednesday the 3rd is the theatre’s popular "Pay What You Decide" night. The show features murder, prostitution and adultery. Suitable for people 16 and over.

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Tickets can be bought by phone 0344 561 0622, or on  online at: Ticketquarter.

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