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Monstrous Minds - Why Chills and Thrills will Blossom in June

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A chilly wind is set to blow down the aisles at Hope Street Theatre, in June.

"Monstrous Minds" is a chance to see four new short plays that inhabit the murky world between reality and imagination. We explore the dark side of human nature. No ghosts or ghouls hiding in the shadows.

The 30-minute plays, were chosen from a host of entries for a Make it Write Productions competition to show new works as part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival. They echo the spooky world of TV’s famed “Twilight Zone” which were social commentaries and morality tales, disguised as psychological thrillers, but in a modern setting.

They explore humanity, society and the monstrous actions we as humans commit and the consequences of these actions. Is humanity the ultimate monster?

In Sean MacMahon’s “Sleep of Reason” a reclusive internet troll meets his match. Will this encounter alter how he sees the world? This play looks at the theme of social media and its possible monstrous effects on society, and how harmful it can be in the wrong hands.

"Ransomeware", by Helen Jones, is a monologue exploring mental health in which the lead, Susan, battles with monsters around her as she recalls a period of depression. It explores the monsters around us which affect our mental health.

"Killing Time" tells the story of the final 48 hours in the life of a Death Row inmate Jacob Maddox, an infamous mass murderer.  Ste Mc’s play explores his relationship with the doctor who will have to end his life. The play explores the way in which we create monsters ourselves and the ethical debate surrounding the death penalty.

In "The Midnight Caller", by Charles Eades, we meet Fiona, a lonely woman who has just suffered a break-up. Fiona, a late-night worker at a call-centre tackles anxiety, loneliness and the hidden monsters we all face in society.

"I want to create a production which looks at the effects human beings have on each other and on society. The themes of the plays interlink and are universal and very current and relevant to what is going on in the world now.

"I want this to be a thought-provoking piece of theatre which will not only entertain the audience but will make them question what the "real" monsters are around us," said Artistic Director, Elaine Louise Stewart.

"Monstrous Minds" is being performed at Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool, on 14th and 15th of June 2019 at 7.30pm. Tickets can be bought by phone 0344 561 0622, or online at: Ticketquarter.